Why students need High School Counselors?

Today’s students have numerous resources to help and guide them through their high school life, like family, teachers, public leaders, etc. But, one primary source of information that can be most beneficial for students is making use of their school counselors.

Student counselors are one of the best source of information, mental and emotional support for students who guide them to plan for college and to direct them through and through in every walk of life. Since student counselors are available on campus, they not only come in handy with college application procedures, help in school assignments, but students may also leverage on the knowledge and skill sets of counselors for their personal issues.
Recent research has shown shreds of evidence that school counseling programs help in boosting student morale and triumph, self-esteem and overcome their lack of confidence in schools, allow students to be more expressive and overcome any learning obstacles.

Counselors are encouraging students to achieve their academic as well as personal goals, by helping students believe in themselves, by understanding their strengths and weaknesses and their interests. Based on the student’s interest and hobbies, counselors work towards a career readiness program whereby they guide the students of different college programs and specialist colleges catering to particular interests and field of study such as design, animation, dance or music, etc. Counselors are more aware of college fairs, campus visits and open days. Moreover school counselors guide students with the college admission requirements, college tests like (TOEFL, SAT, SAT II, ACT) and plan a schedule for the students to look at attempting for the tests. Student counselors are a great help and reliable in identifying and reminding students of their college application deadlines, along with directing them to the application process and most of all the application essays and letter of recommendation.

Student counselors are also well informed about various scholarships that are not just based on merit or the capability to pay but also based on extracurricular activities and investor funding programs. Most of all student counselors are there as listeners to the students thoughts on the most pressing issues like personal problems, parental issues, low self-esteem, racism, suicidal scares, or simply are there for them when they have experienced any personal loss of a loved one.

The need for student counselors is growing worldwide, and more and more schools are trying to build a school counseling program to cater to the growing needs of the students looking for that external source of motivation, encouragement or even basic guidance in their ordinary daily lives. Counselors can help coax students out of drug usage or get involved in any other bad habits. One can only reminiscent the hard times students faced back in the 80’s when the trend for student counselor was not there at all. Students did not have anyone to confront to, with bad grades, or lack of confidence or if anyone ever felt bullied in school. Counselors can be very helpful in making a new student feel comfortable and at ease in school, making it a smooth transition for not just the students but also for the parents.

The need for high school counselors is growing the cut nevertheless down on budgets. As the world becomes more and more involved with an increase in crime rates and drug abuse, there is a far bigger need to have high school counsel programs in place.


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