Understanding high school counselors’ pivotal role in student development

High School counselors’ relationship with students is not limited to them just being in school. However for many, it may extend in the form of mentors and coaches. It is no surprise that students may require counselors to play a larger role giving them sound advice for better career development. Since the high school counselors are the best resource at hand not only for students but parents, teachers, and universities – speaks volume of their importance in a child’s upbringing.

Research has shown that students who pursue school-based counseling work towards improving their self-esteem, confidence and their anger management issues. It is an on-going process or even a life long journey for some students, and once a student enters third level education, it does not mean that they need to let go of their mentor. Instead, a lot of them keep coming back to their high school counselors for sessions focusing on their chosen education, career path and challenges at the university.

Today the education industry has evolved having several courses to offer – sometimes hundreds of them, making students not only nervous but confused at the time of choosing the right academic field for a prosperous future. All of a sudden when reality struck, the students may not be prepared and may break down. Leading towards a complete shutdown in thought process forcing the students to take a gap year. In short, making it disastrous for the students and the universities that aggressively work towards student recruitment.

In an ideal scenario, universities should work closely with high school counselors who will better inform the students about the institution, their ranking and most importantly the offerings. Since high school counselors are close to their students, they will better understand which student will fit well into which university. Therefore not compromising on student’s development while also serving the right crowd to the universities. For example, a student with a learning disability will be better guided by their high school counselor keeping in mind the tolerance that the university can offer and the degree program that will match the future working of the student. Thus, leaving a positive impact on both.

Many universities realize and understand the right way to go about student recruitment. Hence for decades they are focusing on strengthens ties with the high school counselors. Many also make them participate in annual surveys, gathering big data that helps universities to forecast student interests and trends. Therefore attracting not thousands of students but most importantly the right ones, thus, contributing to a substantial alumni structure once they finish graduation.

To conclude, high school counselors have the most influence in an active student’s life, playing a pivotal role in their life choices, achievements, and overall capacity building. Therefore, universities that interact and have a healthy and an active counselor network are not only working on the grass root level but also see positive results when the students get the right information that universities hope to convey in the most understanding manner.


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