Tips to avoid common mistakes in college applications


Have you been careless and laid back in all of your school years? Well, since you have entered your senior year at high school and it’s high time to apply in various colleges or universities, make sure that you are very careful in completing your admission applications.

Wait, before you hit the enter button of your online application form, make sure you’re not making a mistake that could affect your chances of being accepted. We have compiled a list of some of the most common mistakes candidates make while submitting their applications. Have a look at them and see if you have made any of these blunders.

1. Grammatical mistakes

The most common and biggest mistake made by most candidates is that they don’t read that admission application or essay before sending it. Proof read your application as many times as you can. You can even ask your friend or sibling to read it for you, just in case you have missed any error. Moreover, it’s good to use rich vocabulary but make sure you are fitting the right word in the right place because use of extensive vocabulary is great but using a word incorrectly will hurt you more than it can help you.

2. Forgetting crucial information

Another frequently made mistake is that candidates usually overlook some parts of the application form which becomes one of the reasons for the rejection of their application.  Double or triple check your application before sending it and if you do not receive a confirmation from them then chances are that you must have made a blunder.

3. Keeping in touch with a guidance counselor

It’s not only about you; your guidance counselor plays a vital role when applying in different institutions so leaving them out of the loop can lead to several problems. If your counselor is unaware of where you have applied then they won’t be able to send your transcript or recommendation letter to the respective academic officer. It is best to stay in touch with your counselor for guidelines and timelines so that you invest your efforts in the right direction.

4. Highlighting previous achievements

Don’t miss a chance to impress the academic officer. You have worked so hard in all of your school years so don’t be shy to elaborate your experiences and your contributions. Even if you got a C or D in some of your high school courses, explain to the admissions officer what happened and how you have grown from that experience will help. If you have worked in a club or done an internship, don’t just mention the year and the name of the institution; in fact mention the impact of this experience in your life. Remember, the activity section in the application form is the most attention grabbing part of the application form.

5. Outsourcing the form process

Don’t be too afraid to make mistakes and ask an expert to fill the application form for you. Nobody knows you more than you know yourself; hence the best person to fill in the admission form is none other than you. You are free to ask for guidelines and advice from some experienced personnel but never let them do the job for you because the admissions people have an idea of the caliber of the candidates who generally fill in the forms and even if you get through the application process, you are going to mess up really bad during the interview session.

We understand that filling admission forms is a nerve wrecking and time consuming process but great things don’t come easy. Hence make sure you don’t make any of the above listed blunders while sending your application form.