Three Very Different Paths to be Considered by High School Seniors this Summer

How many of you get completely blanked out whenever you are asked about your academic plans after you graduate high school? Since you have just cleared your senior year, this is the last summer to make up your mind and apply at different colleges. This is the perfect time to sit back, think critically about your passion and spend some time in self reflection. Going for a summer job can be one way to identify what’s hidden in you.

New seniors who are slow to start making plans for life should pay attention to these three advice’s about what to do this summer in order to follow a career path.

1. Attend a Community College or a Four-Year Institution.

If you wish to continue your education after high school then you must have thought about some college or universities. Now is the best time to visit them and find out about their admission procedure. The most important step of this process is the application form and because it’s a lengthy process, you’ll hardly get time to complete them during the year; so spend plenty of time and fill in some forms so that your admission process starts just in time. If you are unable to visit the institutions, you can research about them online.

2. Learn a Trade.

If you wish to learn a particular trade like carpentry or welding then you can join a course or trade school in order to get a better understanding as to what these opportunities look like. If you find the task time consuming or tiresome then you’ll have plenty of time to think about another career path.

3. Join the military

If students have decided to join armed forces then it’s better to consult a recruiter who can guide them better into the path of armed services. Students who aren’t 18 yet, can join a boot camp in order to get the exact flavor of what military is going to be like.

High school is a transition time for students where their carefree and fun life changes to a serious career centric one. The final year at high school is marked as the most crucial


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