Suitable counseling services can help Increase overall efficiency of a Student.



Student counseling is designed to help the students academically, socially and physically to avoid the risk of failure. To achieve this aim universities of USA came up with counseling centers. The American University of Washington D.C is providing consultation services such as workshops self-help materials, assessments, and crisis interventions. They are maintaining all these services readily available with no charge.

Apart from academic evaluations individual psychotherapy is also available and the appointments are made with graduate trainee psychotherapists. Moreover D.C law approves that to keep the students consultations confidential and consulates are not allowed to give any information to parents or siblings without their permission accept the exceptional cases in which lies danger to life, safety or involvement of court issues.

SCS ranked the University of Chicago in the nation by the Gourmet report (1997, 1998) with one of the best counseling centers and it is in services for over 50 years providing psychotherapies and academic skill program (ASAP). Academic skill program evaluates the students with constant assessments, short-term coaching, and referrals.

Both universities came up with astonishing results by providing interval consultations and improved the quality of skills, education and physical performance among students.

One of the major problems in USA students is teenage pregnancy, which is also catered by some of the US counseling centers.

Research has been shown that once the student is guided towards studies, curriculum and co-curriculum, students are more relaxed and confident towards their studies and academic roadmap. It is also noted that counseling students help to produce better results, more quality work, better discipline and overall improvement. Thus, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said that “School counselors are a vital resource for students and educators and play a key role in creating safe and productive learning environments”. Arne Duncan who is always determined towards improving primary and high School results thinks that counseling is the key to producing better results and the competitive healthy environment. $24.8 Million granted by U.S Department of Education for students counseling which will definitely lead students what exactly they want and have to do.

Furthermore, Duncan said, “These grants will enhance school-based counseling programs, which have proven to be a great source of help for students and families with mental health and emotional issues. Statement is relaxing for both students and parents as U.S students always looking for counseling and support, High School students needs to be guided by mentors in order to choose right paths in their academic way, which will be accomplished by this counseling program. US education department has also declared that all the counselors must be unbiased and impersonal.

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