Students Skipping Virtual School

Student Accountability

As classes have started across the country schools are figuring out how to keep track of who is attending and who is not attending their virtual classes. However, as parents find the online school process and technology glitches difficult, online school has become a difficult process. This does not even address the issues of poor internet, a lack of laptops and hot spots, and instability at home. These are often factors commonly cited for making participation in online learning difficult for students.

When students are showing up, in-person, their schools have many eyes on them each and every day. It is not only about academics. Being able to see these students, teachers and counselors alike are able to see that the kids are eating, healthy and on track to be successful.

Schools have had to do a lot of digging and research. The goal is to figure out if students are attending classes. And, if not, have they moved to a new district? If so, had they enrolled in classes? Class attendance and success in school depend on this type of outreach and usually depends on the connection that schools and counselors have to the students and their families.

Diligent Outreach

Diligent outreach such as this will be key to ensuring that kids do not fall through the cracks. This is especially true as high school counselors are working with students to determine their college choices. Classes, campus living, part-time work, entertainment and socializing could look very different by the time these students are ready to start their college classes.

Relationship Between Colleges & High School Counselors

It is going to become very important that colleges and universities to give high school counselors a very clear picture of what each part of college life is going to look like for these students.


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