HSCM’s Glen Hauser Discusses Counselor Data on Podcast

Glen Hauser of High School Counselor Marketing (HSCM) recently appeared on the “Admissions Directors Lunchcast” podcast to discuss the importance of staying up-to-date on counselor data and building relationships with high school counselors.

Read some highlights from the episode below.

“We have a full group of employees that are literally updating the data on a daily basis. It’s not just doing your website tracking but it’s picking up the phone every day and calling schools and it’s verifying the data. We have several other means we can do that by now. We purchased a digital counselor newsletter over eight years ago, which allows us to constantly be in touch with counselors. Our directories are now digital, which again allows us to constantly reach out to counselors, and we get a lot of information directly from the counselors themselves…” Hauser said. “…As anyone in your field knows, it is a constant game of chasing your tail because it’s a very high turnover industry and that’s what we pride ourselves on, that we are on top of it as much as humanly possible.”

Hauser explained that HSCM works with colleges and universities to help them build and maintain relationships with high school counselors by providing a variety of services, including:

  • Data-driven insights: HSCM has a team of data analysts who track high school counselor data on a daily basis. This data includes things like counselor contact information, counselor interests, and counselor priorities. HSCM uses this data to help colleges and universities target their marketing efforts to the most relevant high school counselors.
  • Personalized outreach: HSCM has a team of experienced writers and marketers who create personalized outreach materials for colleges and universities. These materials are tailored to the specific interests of each high school counselor.
  • Continual engagement: HSCM offers a variety of tools and resources to help colleges and universities stay engaged with high school counselors. These tools include a digital counselor newsletter, a directory of high school counselors, and a blog with educational content for those in the field of higher education.

Teege Matil of the “Admission Directors Lunchcast” went on to explain the lasting impact of staying up-to-date on counselor data and the importance of patience for colleges and universities that want to reach as many prospective students as possible.

“You know, if you make an impact with the school counselor, that pays off for your institution for ten years, right?” Matil said. “…It’s so easy to kind of shift towards more immediate efforts but this works, and let me tell you, when you get on the phone with Glen, he will help you brainstorm just the right list that you need. It’s not a matter of ‘Give me your budget and I’ll give you names,’ it’s a matter of ‘What are you trying to accomplish? Who are you trying to connect with? Let’s see how we can make that list work for you,’ And I’ve always found it to be really helpful and Glen specifically is a partner more than a vendor.”

To listen to the full interview with Glen Hauser, click here.