Decrease in Spring Term Enrollments

Spring 2015 has witnessed 1.9 percent decline in overall student enrollments at higher education institutes. These stats have been taken from a Spring-spring term report published by National Student Clearinghouse Research Centre. After experiencing a constant increase in enrollment for the past two years, University and College administrations might start thinking about budget cuts.

According to recent term enrollment estimates, there has been a decline of 4.9% in enrollments in four year for profit organizations. Similarly, Four year nonprofit and two year public institutes have experienced a decrease of 3.9% and 0.2% respectively. On the contrary, the only sector which has experience an increase in enrollments is four year public Higher education Sector being a leader with merely 0.1% increase.

Owing to infancy of this report, it is still very early to understand a reason for sudden shift in enrollment demographics; However, this statement may not be able to offer levy to University Marketing and Admission departments. These departments have to provide their administrations with quick response regarding current and future fallout of this trend. Marketing professionals in particular, have to come up with new strategy to restore this current imbalance in enrollments. Collectively, Both these departments have to work collectively to inimise this minimize future impact prior to upcoming Fall-Fall report which will be published before the start of next term by NSCRC. Failure to manage this current trend might force universities to take preventive measures by developing cost cutting strategies for next fiscal year.

Admittedly, all these preventive measures might be termed as being over reactive to a relatively small shift in numbers, it is always better to move quickly before things go out of hand. keeping a backup plan for every possible situation would surely be a step in the right direction for managing this issue. If institutes deal proactively with current situation, ‘this winter will not last that long’- Games of Throne.


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