Applying to University: Your High School Counselor’s Role

Your guidance or college counselor is the most important people in your school life. Counselors can help even an average student apply and gain admission to a first-rate college or university. In the US, counselors send their students’ high school transcripts to universities and colleges. And this is just the one thing they do among the other great work that helps students to excel in their academic and then practical career.

What Your Counselor Can Help You Do

1. Find Universities

The counselors, having years of experience and great academic background helps students in creating a list of universities/colleges based on their interest, capacity, ability, and qualities that will match with the institution’s growing demands. While counselors know more about their students, they are the best resource at hand to narrow down the wishlist to possibilities that will flourish a student’s future.

2. Understand Requirements

Every university/college have different application requirements. This could be tricky for students that are applying for the first time. Sure! Parents can help out, but they will know little as over the years third level education has changed rapidly. For those who are the first in their family to go to university will find it useful that counselors are available to explain the requirements of each institution they are applying to. Most require applicants to submit an essay. Many ask candidates to send scores from an admission test, such as the SAT or the ACT. Therefore, counselors are brilliant to guide in this manner and help students register for admission tests, if necessary.

3. Get Recommendations

It is very usual for universities to ask for a recommendation letter from a high school counselor. Therefore, meeting the counselor and taking guidance will shape up a good letter of recommendation because the counselor will know how serious the student is in going to university. Also, a lot of interaction results in the counselor being aware of the student to write him/her the recommendation he/she deserves. And having excellent relations will work in a student’s favor. So regular meet up with the counselor is the best way to secure admission in a good institution.

4. Make the Most of Your Time with Your Counselor

Remember tons of students will be rushing in and asking time from the high school counselor as university application season arrives. Hence, every student needs to ensure that they remain on the top of their game to secure maximum counselors’ time. Here’s how!

Students need to be an early bird. They need to go to the counselor way ahead of the university deadlines making sure the groundwork and researching for universities and essay topics are already done, and it is presented for expert advice. In the meanwhile just don’t get information but also make a request for a recommendation letter. Planning well ahead of time will make it easier for the counselor to give each student a timely answer and for the students a well-directed recommendation letter.

Every student should be organized and make a calendar marked with important dates and reminders before the deadlines of university applications. Also, always read “Applying to College: FAQs for tips”.

Very important aspect of the applications season is that students need to be responsible. The counselors can help in many ways, but this is a student’s project and its responsibility. Therefore, schedule appointments when you need to talk to the counselor and be prepared.


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