7 ways to earn a scholarship


Have you really been eager to study almost free of cost at your dream college or university? As fascinating as it may sound, getting a scholarship is not a piece of cake and not everybody is lucky enough to study for free. But of course there are people out there who earn scholarships; so what do they do to get one?

I have listed down 7 ways which will help increase the likelihood of you getting a scholarship. Have a look.

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1. Seeking the Requirements

Obviously there is a selection criteria for candidates to get scholarships but it is much deeper than that. Look up their website and learn about their goal and their mission statement. It will give you a clear idea of what they are looking for.

2. Getting involved with the community

Since providing scholarships itself is a volunteer program to help students in need, they look for candidates who have actively been participating in various volunteer programs at their high schools. It’s a huge plus!

3. Never Ignore the ‘Optional’ questions

One should never leave the chance of revealing details about themselves. Answering the ‘Optional’ questions can generate about twice as many scholarship matches.

4. Apply in all scholarship programs

If you meet their selection criteria and are eligible then go ahead and apply. Keep your options broad. You never know which of these programs can prove to be at your side.

5. Look for essay contests

It has been observed that many candidates don’t apply in colleges which require an essay. Remember, great things never come easy so keep your laziness aside and be passionate about your goal.

6. Be passionate

Try revealing as much as possible about yourself because that’s your first and last chance to impress the scholarship awarding body. In your essay, it’s recommendable to focus on a problem and then elaborate how you overcame the adversity.

7. Seek for local scholarships

Aiming for big things in life is great but your goals must be realistic. Earning local scholarships are way easier than getting regional or national level scholarships. You can also ask your school career counselor to help you suggest some scholarship programs.

I hope these tips have been a great help for you. If you think that there are some other essentials for getting a scholarship, feel free to comment.

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