6 Tips to Make Your College Application Impressive


It is high time for soon-to-be high school seniors to make some important decisions for their future regarding careers. Dreaming is the first step towards a specific goal but what’s more important is to be consistent in your efforts to achieve it. Every year thousands of college applications are received by different admission bodies and only a few are lucky enough to get in. Hence if the deadline is approaching to submit your college application, then don’t panic and follow these tips to make your application stand out from the rest.

1. Portray yourself in a vivid manner

What is that one quality in you that makes you and your essay unique than all the other candidates? Remember, that admission officers are dealing with so many applications at a time which makes their job mundane; therefore if they’ll encounter something interesting, they would surely want to consider it.

2. Involvement in activities

A part from academics, you need to demonstrate your passion in extracurricular activities which will portray your skills of leadership and teamwork. These qualities can be your special strengths which will leave a positive impact in your application.

3. Mention every bit of experience

Don’t be shy or hesitant to brag about your accomplishments; be it your involvement in clubs, your summer jobs or community service, its essential that you mention even the minute details about it. Make sure your hard work and efforts don’t go unrewarded.

4. Recommendations from High School 

It’s important to stay in touch with your concerned student counselor for essential guidelines and sending your transcript with recommendations. Your counselor will give evidence of your integrity, special skills and positive character.

5. Elaborate on hobbies and interests

You can always send attachments regarding your special skills and passions like musical performance, write-ups or photography portfolios. Candidates with special talents always strike the admission body and it separates you from all the other applicants with similar GPAs.

6. Proof read your entire application

Never make the mistake of sending your applications right away without proof reading it. It gives a very bad impression if there are some grammatical mistakes or you have missed a section in the application form; it portrays your carelessness and you miss an opportunity to render all the details.

These were some of the guidelines that you should consider before sending your admission application this summer. Goodluck!

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