4 universities that are the toughest to get admitted in.

That time of the year has arrived when you constantly ask the experts, ‘Which universities are the hardest to get enrolled in?’ Well ask no more, we are here with a list of the 4 top universities with the toughest acceptance rates.

1. Harvard University





It was not too difficult to guess this one. Harvard University is so far the best university in North America and therefore they take in only the best candidates from around the world. Their acceptance rate is 6.2% i.e. the prestigious university had 34,950 students who applied but only 2,158 students were chosen.

2. Columbia University




This New York based university is one of the 5 oldest universities in the USA and comes second in our list. This respectable institution is expected to enroll only 1,291 for their freshmen class and therefore its acceptance rate is 6.9%.

3. Yale




The dream of many ambitious students, it is not surprising that this university is number 3 on our list. Out of 27,282 applications received, the university gave an opportunity to 2,006 candidates only. The acceptance rate for this university is 7.35%.


4. Princeton University



This esteemed University is well known for producing some of the brightest minds that the world has ever seen. Based in New Jersey, this institute only allows 2 out of every ten students that apply here to be enrolled. That’s what landed Princeton in our number four spot on the list.

None of the Universities mentioned above can guarantee a bright future for any young student. Your success will depend on how much you are willing to work for a better future, a University is only there open up your mind to the possibilities your future holds.


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