4 Top Websites for Scholarships


As a new semester and school year dawns upon us this September. Our bank balance empty from back to school shopping and very necessary vacations during the summer, scholarships can be very useful and helpful for us and our bank accounts.

Here, you can find the top 4 websites that offer scholarships weekly, and one scholarship from each website.


A place where the most creative and free-thinking minds from American high schools can have a chance to earn a scholarship, Zinch.com allows students compete weekly on different creative challenges and offers cash up to $1000-$5000. The “Three Sentence Essay Scholarship” is one of their most popular scholarships. Students are allowed only 280 characters to write a complete essay and the winner is given $1000 in cold hard cash.


Fastweb.com is one more fast and efficient portal where students can get some help with their tuitions. Fastweb.com doesn’t just offer scholarships. There is a massive database of tools and helpful career planning tips offered to registered users. The “Natural Disaster” PSA Video Contest is the latest addition to this website. This scholarship is for students with an eye for cinematography and knowledge of natural disasters and their effect on societies. The winner is awarded $3000 in cash.


Ever go to a restaurant and order so much food that the management decides to offer you free desert? Well, Scholarshippoints.com works in a similar fashion. The more quizzes, games and blogs you interact with earns you points that you can use to earn scholarships. There are monthly $1,000 and quarterly $10,000 scholarships.


If you’re like me, you probably ignored your high school guidance counselor’s advice to make a Cappex.com account. I’m here today to tell you to abide by this advice; ample scholarship opportunities await you once you become a “college pro” as an undergrad. Once started, there will be an option for you to attain a $2,500 scholarship to help you out with your tuition.

We hope this blog will help you in achieving something that most kids ignore these days.

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